The Future of Currency Conference

Blockchain Integration, Precious Metals,
Fiat Currency, and Value Storage

by CONNECTpreneur Forum and Valaurum, Inc.

January 17, 2019 • Washington D.C.


Event Date

January 17, 2019

Event Location

Washington, D.C.

FHI 360 Conference Center

1825 Connecticut, Ave., N.W.

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What is The Future of Currency Conference?

The Future of Currency Conference is THE Conference to meet experts in the fields of Blockchain Integration, Precious Metals, Fiat Currency, and Value Storage Technologies

Fortunes are made when new technologies are integrated into currency systems. In the last thirty years, advances in credit cards, exchange-traded assets, digital payments, and blockchain tokens have made fortunes for those who owned Visa and PayPal stock, physical vaults, and early cryptocurrencies. The next fortunes will be made as blockchain technologies are integrated into government regulation, the banking system, consumer markets, and ultimately, individual people’s everyday lives.

The Future of Currency Conference will explore the technologies that are poised to transform currency. Meet the leaders who are remaking the worlds of value-storage, payments, and the monetization of brand new forms of assets.

This is THE Conference to learn about the technologies that will transform currency in the next five years.

What is Blockchain Integration?

Blockchain is coming of age. The first decade was about investing in physical tokens, hoping they would become the money of the future. The second decade will be about bringing blockchain technologies into everybody’s immediate lives, building the institutional systems to transform banking and finance, and converting trillions of dollars of value into more safe and frictionless systems.

The Future of Currency will give you exclusive insights into where the smart money is heading, from the leaders of their fields.

2017’s explosion of investment was the result of individuals trying to pick the token of tomorrow. The next round of investment will bring blockchain into everyday transactions and transform banks, payment systems, and financial markets.

The Future of Currency will let you hear from the visionaries that are remaking these systems. Every industry segment is experimenting with blockchain to improve the accuracy, security, transparency and costs of their systems. The cryptocurrency community, International banks, hedge funds, Fortune 500 companies, and countries are working flat out to develop the technologies that will transform their value. Smart money is looking at the future of blockchain, and the next fortunes to be made.

Come learn about these strategies at The Future of Currency.



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Edmund C. Moy
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Valaurum is becoming the recognized leader in physical monetary and value storage products.

Its first product, the Aurum®, is a bill-shaped gold film with industry-leading anti-counterfeiting features. Containing $2-40 value in physical gold, the Aurum is becoming the world standard for divisible, dependable gold investment. The world capitalization of gold is over $7 trillion, with a liquid market trading $125bn worth of gold per day.

The Aurum is sold on national television, the world’s largest bullion dealers, and through numerous precious metal retailers. The first legal-tender Aurum was minted for the Cook Islands in 2018. Valaurum continues to integrate the Aurum technology with national governments, gold trading systems, and consumer distribution sites.

In 2019, Valaurum plans to launch the KiBill, a patent-pending cryptocurrency bill with unprecedented security and anti-counterfeiting features. KiBills are designed to give consumers the choice of currency they hold, in addition to the €1.2tn of paper euros and $1.7tn of paper dollars in circulation.

Cryptocurrency held in KiBills is more secure than conventional online accounts or cold storage wallets. The private keys in KiBills have never been connected to a network, KiBills are designed to resist electronic, solvent, infrared, and x-ray attacks, and to incorporate government-level anti-counterfeiting features directly into their metallic structure. Valaurum is seeking partnerships with exchanges, vaults, and other blockchain providers to integrate the bills into the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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